Word Teasers: Going on a Picnic – Conversation Game





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Improve your child’s logical thinking, pattern recognition, categorization, and creativity with this classic game. We’re going on a special picnic. Anything can be brought to this wacky picnic, as long as it follows the SECRET RULE! The host draws a SECRET RULE from the deck and tells the other players what they are bringing on the picnic using the SECRET RULE. The other players then take turns saying what they are bringing on the picnic, if what they are bringing doesn’t follow the SECRET RULE they are not allowed to come to the picnic. If a player brings something that follows the SECRET RULE they can guess what the SECRET RULE is, if they guess correctly they win the round and become the host!

This is a fun, quick way to have a little family bonding time that is also encouraging important social and logic skills! 

Ages: 8+


  • Weight: 1 lb

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