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Weighted Blanket

Our custom weighted blankets are made in-house by our talented seamstresses, just for you! We have so many different fabrics to choose from, with a variety of weights and sizes, to help find the best weighted blanket for you!

School Support Kit

This School Support Kit has everything your child needs to keep focused and on-task in the classroom and on assignments at home! Each fidget in this kit was hand-picked for being discreet, durable, and able to be used with one hand or less - ideal for a classroom setting to keep your child focused without distracting others.

Iggy Iguana

The Iggy Iguana is one of our Stacy SSS Exclusives! This colorful, stretchy Iguana is weighted between 3 and 4 pounds. Iggy is ready to perch on your child's shoulder or rest on his lap and provide sensory input. His squishy little paws are great for fidgeting hands.

What we do

Our Commitment

Each of our children is unique and has different gifts to offer the world.

Our mission started with creating customized, stylish weighed products that bring out your children’s personalities and help give them the confidence to celebrate who they are. Today, we’ve grown to expand our mission to use a wide variety of sensory solutions to celebrate our children’s unique gifts by helping them to be comfortable and happy in their own skin.

Our Sensory Solutions

We find that many families struggle with finding products for their children that address specific issues that lead to added anxiety and discomfort with their own environment. We offer an assortment of sensory products that are proven to calm and comfort and make everyone in your home feel safe in their own skin.

  • Cognitive Engagement

    Engage that brain! This section is for anything that will get you thinking and/or focusing. Arts and crafts, games and puzzles, skills for school, and more!

  • Anxiety

    Manage your anxiety through these solutions specifically curated to help ease both everyday anxieties and more intense episodes. From mindfulness to fidgeting to aromatherapy and more, you're sure to find something that works for you.

  • Let's Move

    The solutions in this section are designed to introduce a little more action into your day! Whether through active seating, motor skills, building, or even swings, these solutions are meant to provide input to those big muscle groups and help the body regulate.

  • Comfort Through Pressure

    Pressure is often overlooked in a sensory diet, but using a weighted blanket, plush animal, lap pad, or neck wrap can provide comfort, focus, and anxiety relief! Weighted blankets in particular have been known to help with sleep difficulties!

  • Comfort Through Sensory Input

    These solutions target the information your brain receives from the environment around you...sight, smell, hearing, oral motor, and touch to name a few. Your senses tell the brain if you are safe and should be relaxed or if you are not safe and should be anxious. We need tools to help our bodies handle the information the brain receives respond appropriately

  • Daily Life Tools

    These tools are for basic needs to get you through the day. Personal care, organization, meal time, social distancing, and more—anything that makes your day a little bit easier.


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