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Selling products to calm and comfort.

Find something to help soothe anxieties and improve quality of life.

We use unique, custom-made products to give your loved ones the comfort they deserve.

We find that supporting our loved ones who are aging is uncharted territory for a lot of us. So many of us find ourselves in a position where we have both children still in school and aging parents to care for at the same time. We are referred to as The Sandwich Generation. Searching for resources to support an aging loved one can be a struggle, and it isn’t easy to find products to address the new challenges they are facing.

At Stacy’s Sensory Solutions we offer an assortment of products that are designed to calm and comfort, as well as keep hands and minds active and engaged at any stage on the journey of aging these seniors find themselves.

We have color coded our six solutions in order to make your experience simple and consistent in your search for products that will positively impact the lives of those you love.

Sensory Solutions

We find that many senior living centers struggle with finding products that address specific issues that lead to added anxiety and discomfort with their own environment. We offer an assortment of products that are proven to calm and comfort and make your nursing home residents feel safe in their own skin.

Cognitive Engagement

Engage that brain! Keep your mind active and alert with games, arts and crafts, puzzles, and more. We also have fidgets designed to help keep restless hands busy, brain teasers to keep the mind challenged and activities to encourage conversation.

Comfort Through Pressure

Pressure is often overlooked in a sensory diet, but using a weighted blanket, lap pad, or neck wrap can provide comfort, focus, and anxiety relief! Weighted blankets in particular have been known to help with sleep difficulties.

Daily Life Tools

These tools are to help you get through the day. Whether it’s for meal time, grooming, sleeping, social distancing, or more, these solutions are here to make your day a little bit easier.

Comfort Through Sensory Input

These solutions target the basic senses—sight, smell, hearing, and touch—and provide the brain with regulating sensory input to stay engaged throughout the day. This critical feedback that the brain receives through the senses is comforting and helps aging individuals feel at ease with their environment as their bodies and abilities change over time.

Let's Move

Much of the day is spent sitting down–the solutions in this section are designed to introduce a little more action, whether from a chair or in a standing position if that is an option. No matter if it’s through active seating or maintaining and building both gross and fine motor skills, these solutions will help get seniors moving and provide vital sensory input to joints and muscles.


Restlessness, wandering without purpose, and agitation are common problems with advanced aging. Supporting the emotional needs of aging seniors is critical. We offer solutions to ease anxiety and regulate emotions by addressing sensory needs through pressure, and the auditory, visual, tactile, and olfactory systems of the body. We have tools to help your loved one feel more at peace in their environment throughout the day.

Let's start with identifying the areas that need attention.

Engage that brain!

Weighted items provide comfort and regulation.

Make their day just a little bit easier.


Soother their anxiety with a custom solution.

Use sensory input to give them focus and comfort.

Get moving to build up and maintain their fine and gross motor skills!

Stacy was so warm and inviting! She has a wonderful sense of humor which is what initially drew me over to her.

I love the Calming and Anxiety reduction neck wrap I bought. I have it around my neck/shoulders right now as I type and feel like I have someone's arms wrapped around me. I love it!!

Kudos to Stacy's Sensory Solutions. This is awesome and I look forward to possibly purchasing another blanket in the future

Groups with whom we work to find solutions for the people they serve.

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We got our custom made XL weighted blanket last week and I couldn't be more pleased! Stacy's patience and willingness to work with me for several months before ordering was a blessing. If you've never heard of this company and you have know anyone with sensory issues, anxiety, phobias or sleep problems, please check out their website! You won't regret it!
I truly appreciate your speedy response and fulfillment of the product. Excellent customer service!

Thanks so very much.
Virginia Dismukes

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