Sensory Go-Bag with Backpack

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Product Description

Do you or your child worry about going to new and unfamiliar places? Bring along some security with this Sensory Go-Bag with an included backpack!

Equip yourself with sensory regulation tools on-the-go with this portable sensory go bag filled with solutions for weight, visual, textural, auditory, and movement needs to ease anxiety and prevent overload. The backpack includes a weighted neck wrap, fidgets, ear plugs, shades, and more handpicked items, helping build confidence in unfamiliar situations.

This set includes:

  • Weighted Neck Wrap/Lap Pad with soft Minky cover (weight; soothing)
  • Durable Squish Pouch (fidgeting; movement)
  • Relax Tangle Therapy (fidgeting; movement; texture)
  • Minky Slap Bracelet (texture; soothing)
  • Ear Plugs, 2 pairs (auditory; calming)
  • Silicone Spike Ball (texture; fidgeting)
  • Roller Shades (visual; calming)
  • Sensory Visual Tube (visual; soothing)
  • Communication Cards (for communicating when overstimulated and/or nonverbal)
  • Backpack (for easy transport and organization)


  • Weight: 1 lb

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