Sensory Body Sock

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Product Description

This Body Sock is a great way to get sensory input through compression and resistance – it can feel like getting a compression “hug” throughout the body!

  • The sack is also recommended for developing motor planning skills, while establishing spatial, and body awareness.
  • Sensory sox are also used by professionals to organize, and calm children’s minds before and after therapy sessions.
  • The Bintiva compression sock is free of any adhesive type fasteners, so that no part of the hair, or body will get stuck. The Sock is secured by utilizing simple to use snaps.
  • The sock is appropriate for children with sensory processing disorder (SPD), ADHD, autism, and typical children that enjoy the feeling of a “hug”.

This Body Sock comes in 4 different sizes – they are all 26″ across, and then the second measurement will be length:

Small – 26″ x 36″

Medium – 26″ x 45″

Large – 26″ x 54″

Extra-Large – 26″ x 70″ 


  • Weight: 1 lb

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