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Product Description

Empower your child’s focus with the sensory School Support Kit, packed with discreet, durable fidgets designed for one-handed use.

Each kit includes a variety of calming tools and an Activity Sheet with ideas for maximizing focus and minimizing classroom distractions. From textured circles to weighted tools, this kit has everything your child needs to stay on task and engaged.

Each School Support Kit includes:

  • Textured Circle Donut
  • Textured Focus Strip
  • Flip Fidget
  • Fidget Counter
  • Wrist Weight
  • Focus Football
  • Un-poppable Ball
  • Chair Banz
  • Slow-Rise Stress Squeeze
  • Textured Pencil
  • Texture Leaf
  • Zipper Storage Bag
  • Activity Sheet


  • Weight: 1 lb

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