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Big feelings get the best of us sometimes. When that happens, we all need somewhere that we can go to calm down and regroup. This bundle is full of hand-picked items to help you build a space for your teenager where they can go to get some calming and regulating sensory input to help them get in a better mental and emotional state. 

This bundle includes:

  • Shashibo
    • This cool fidget is a shpe-shifting box that can transform into over 70 shapes, making it a great way to siphon off restless energy while getting the visual input from all the different shapes and patterns.
  • Acupressure Set
    • These sensory massage tools are perfect for tactile sensory input. Roll them up and down your fingers, hands, feet, and arms for sensory and tactile stimulation. The cylander roller also doubles as a deep breathing tool.
  • Long Lap Blanket
    • A lap blanket custom-made at Stacy’s Sensory Solutions, this weighted blanket is designed to be worn across the lap and legs to provide comfort or soothing frustration and anxiety. It’s also a good, portable size to take on the go (29″ x 14″).
  • SPEKS Magnets
    • Speks are like magnetic putty, a stress ball and adult building blocks all in one. Mash them around for oddly satisfying stress relief or build a shape to unleash creativity.
      • Comes with 512 neodymium rare earth magnets, steel building base, and a plastic carrying case
      • Warning! Keep away from children – magnets are extremely dangerous if swallowed.



  • Weight: 1 lb

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