Oral Motor Chewable Pack

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Chewable Option

Product Description

This pack is designed for those who love chewing on things! Chewing is a very specific sensory input that can be very satisfying to those who enjoy it, so we created this pack with a variety of items specifically designed for chewing — so you know that they’re safe and washable! 

  • Three Cool Cord Knitted Chew Cords (Sizes: 24″, 16″, and 6″)
  • Brick Chewable pencil topper
  • Reach chewable
  • Grip Stixx chewable
  • Grip Stixx X chewable 
  • Tough Bar chewable
  • Senso Band Cuff
  • Choice of Chewable on Cord 
    (Goldfish, Peace Sign, Baseball, Soccer Ball, or Basketball)


  • Weight: 10 lb

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