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Kids GROK* is designed to increase children’s social and emotional learning using 58 adorably illustrated feelings & needs/values cards. Each card has a primary word on the top and secondary words on the bottom, the top words are suitable for young children ages 3-6. The bottom words are similar but not the same, suitable for older children. This makes the cards useful for building up a vocabulary and understanding how words can have similar but distinct meanings. The instruction booklet describes 22 games and activities, both playful and meaningful; suitable for children ages 3-10. Teachers, parents, and counselors use Kids GROK to improve communication, increase empathy and honesty, and to understand, accept, and regulate their emotions.


 *Based on the book ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ by Robert A. Heinlein. GROK means understanding someone so fully that they become a part of yourself.


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