Keyboard Fidget – 4 Keys Stick: Soft Click




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Stacy’s Sensory Solutions is proud to work with Strudel3D to bring you these sensational keyboard clickers! Personally designed, 3D printed, and assembled right here in America!

Keep yourself occupied with these striking pastel keys that come in all your favorite colors! Attach it to your bag, keep it on your desk, take it anywhere you go. Enjoy the crisp, “TAP” sound, and smooth feeling of a mechanical keyboard any time you want.

These mechanical fidgets are made with the same premium quality keyboard parts you will find in full mechanical keyboards. They are designed with custom frames and keycaps to create the clearest “TAP” sound possible.

If you would prefer a “click” sound, try the “Clear Click” Keyboard Fidgets we also offer.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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