Homework and Remote Learning Focus Pack




Product Description

Remote learning and even doing homework at home can present unique challenges to our kids who are getting used to a new learning environment. This pack was created specifically to address those challenges with a variety of products that can be used to promote focus and engagement in work! Each product was chosen to be able to be played with in one hand while you do work with the other. A few products can also be used with your feet so you can have both hands free! The key is to make sure that the fidgets are being used to help your child focus and not as a distraction!

This Homework and Remote Learning Pack includes:

  • Wrist Weight
  • Squishy Atom Ball
  • Fidgipod
  • Marble Maze Fidget Cloth 
  • Chair Banz, set of 2
  • Mini Loopeeze
  • Tough Twister Fidget
  • Squishy Pocket Soother
  • Marble Mesh fidget
  • Pocket Putty 
  • Sensy Band
  • Nubby Ball for foot and hand massage
  • Time Tracker


  • Weight: 1 lb

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