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Product Description

Getting frustrated or angry happens to everyone, and knowing how to deal with these big feelings is a super important skill! This bundle was hand-picked to give you the tools you need to help your child channel their frustration in a safe, productive way.

  • Anger Management Cards
    • These cards help children manage angry feelings in 4 simple steps: Calm Your Body, Calm You Mind, Shift Your Focus, and Take a Mini-Break. These cards promote self-regulation and build lifelong skills.
  • Anger Putty
    • This cool putty gets more and more resistant every time it’s stretched or squeezed, absorbing all your stress and tension! It relaxes back to normal after a little while back in the tin, and then it’s all ready to go again.
  • Unpoppable Ball
    • You can squeeze this ball as hard as you want and it simply will not pop! Highly tear-resistant and won’t break open, this is a great tool for working through frustration without worrying about popping a stress ball.
  • Spikey Stretchy Wrist Fidget
    • This super durable fidget is great for both texture and resistance. You can pull or twist this spikey ring and it’s virtually impossible to break, so your child can pull and pull until those big feelings can simmer down. 


  • Weight: 1 lb

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