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Take your fidget to-go! By popular demand we’ve put 3 of our favorite fidgets on a shoestring with a carabiner on one end and a convenient clip on the other. Each fidget offers a unique experience; one’s a spinner, one’s a clicker, and the other is a twister! With such an eye-catching design and 2 convenient attachment points you won’t have to worry about losing this fidget!

You can choose between:

            The Clicker! This finger fidget offers a satisfying and loud clicking noise when you push the rectangular cube back and forth. An awesome auditory input!

            The Spinner! Watch this propeller spin as you turn it upside down or spin the wheel yourself! A venerable visual input!

            The Twister! Twist the ring to move it past the ridges along the fidget and enjoy a terrific textural input!


  • Weight: 1 lb

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