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The Fidgipod by The Sensory University was created by the makers of Desk Budy Chewable sensory ruler.  The Pod is appropriate for all ages of men, women, and children who seek sensory input for calming.  Fidgipods nonskid bottom allows its user to simply place it on any flat surface and run their palm or foot over it for instant sensory stimulation.  When used along with the Desk Buddy chewable sensory ruler, school children can have up to 50% higher concentration levels. For adults over age 18 who have sensory issues, this unit alone on a desk or table is generally enough to boost concentration levels by the same percentage.  Since this unit is labeled as a therapy device it is accepted in school and offices.  The Fidgipod is 5″ in diameter and FDA approved Latex, BP, and Phthalate free material  It’s a must have for those who like to fidget!


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