Daily Visual Schedule Board




Product Description

This extensive Schedule Board is a great tool to help your kids visualize the order of their day ahead. The board can be hung either vertically or horizontally, or can be folded to stand on a tabletop. It comes with 73 visual cards, each clearly labeled and with a bright photo to visualize the activity.

Simply pick which activity cards are relevant to your child’s day and easily stick them to the baord! If the schedule is different for the next day, the cards are easily movaeble and removeable, so you can use this board over and over again! The cards you aren’t using easily store away in the transparent detachable bag that can be stuck to the board for easy access.

Visual schedules are a great way to help you child be prepared for the day or week to come so that they can be comfortable with their routine and feel more empowered and in control by knowing what to expect from their day.

Includes: 1 Visual Schedule Board, 1 transparent bag for cards, and 73 visual cards

Schedule Baord measures: 26.65 inches x 9.44 inches (when hung vertically)


  • Weight: 1 lb

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