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Introducing Curlimals, the lovable interactive plush animals that respond to your touch with over 50 delightful sounds and reactions. Choose from three charming friends: Bibi the Bunny, the fun-loving jokester; Higgle the Hedgehog, who enjoys a good laugh and soft prickle brushing; and Blue the Badger, a playful trickster who lives in cozy burrows by mossy logs. These delightful companions are perfect for ages 3 and up, providing endless fun and laughter.

  • Bibi is the sweetest, bounciest bunny around! She loves to joke and laugh, and can’t wait to laugh and play with you!
  • Higgle is the sweetest little hedgehog in the forest! He’s tricky, giggly, and loves having his soft prickles brushed, and can’t wait to play with you!
  • Blue is a playful fellow who loves to live in warm burrows by mossy logs and play tricks on his friends! He can’t wait to meet you!

Ages 3+


  • Weight: 1 lb

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