Cozy & Calm Weighted Plush Set – Tiger

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COMFORTING AND SOOTHING: The Cozy and Calm Collection is a unique weighted plush concept perfect for hugs and snuggles to calm and soothe children and adults.

TWO NEW FRIENDS: The Big Friend is perfect pillow for cuddling and travel, the separate Little Buddy is a weighted lap pad that gives awesome hugs. This means two times the snuggles and double the benefits.

BENEFITS OF WEIGHTED PLUSH: Anxiety and stress reduction, sensory disorder coping, promotion of relaxation and security, enhances tactile experience with fuzzy accent materials, facilitates social skills through pretend play.

TRAVEL COMPANIONS: The Big Friend makes the best travel companion because the head is a perfect pillow! Calm anxiety and travel in comfort whether you are flying or driving.

COLLECTIBLE FUN: Two separate plush are included. Large friend is 18″, small is 8.5″ and weighs 1.5 lbs. Age 3+. Fun to collect and trade and make great keepsakes for children, teens & adults.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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