Weighted Therapy Smokey Gray Cat (1 in Stock)

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This charming Smokey the gray and white cat plush is looking for a home. Measuring in at 19” long with a softly stuffed, floppy body, she is perfectly designed to recline in your lap or snuggle in your arms. Her striped coat is made of soft, huggable plush fur with grey tabby markings and a long fluffy tail. Smokey’s expressive eyes and flocked pink nose add to her appeal. This kitten loves to play pouncing games and hunting imaginary foes is one of her favorite activities! Though her blue eyes shine with mischief, she promises not to scratch up any of your furniture or carpeting! Won’t you consider adopting this beautiful stuffed animal into your family today?

Smokey is extra comforting because she’s weighted! Smokey weighs 3 pounds. She makes the perfect soothing lap pad for all ages.
Weighs: 3 lbs. 
Measures: 12 x 7 x 5 in


  • Weight: 1 lb

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