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Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty



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Unleash your inner superhero with Crazy Aaron’s Comic Book Thinking Putty! This superpowered putty explodes with color and hidden character pieces for thrilling, hands-on fun.

Stretch it, twist it, bounce it – and discover hidden pieces that make finger strengthening more exciting. This completely malleable putty won’t dry out in the tin, and it’s more than just a toy.

If your child struggles with buttoning clothes or tying shoes, hide small beads in the putty to create a fun treasure hunt that strengthens fine motor skills. Using putty helps relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and improve emotional regulation. Encourage kids who are frustrated to take a brain break with the putty to help them calm down and work through their emotions.

For even more fun, suggest stretching the putty into “snakes” or rolling it up into a ball, activities that promote the use of both hands.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is proudly made in America by individuals with sensory disabilities, helping them develop vocational skills and self-sufficiency.

This product contains small pieces and therefore is not appropriate for children under 36 months.


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