Bouncyband for Adult-Sized Chairs





Product Description

Bouncybands help people of all ages focus and perform better at home or at work. They fit almost all chair legs, offering a quiet way to increase concentration and productivity.

The Bouncyband stretches to fit chairs from 10-24” wide (fits around a circular leg that is 2.25” thick and a square leg that is 1.75” thick or any shape up to 7.25” around). The tension and movement ease stress and help adults work through challenges to find solutions.

Proven effective by an independent study, they help users stay focused 10% longer.  This sensory product for adults is perfect for homeschooling, homework, meals, or in the office.

The patented design ensures continuous, quiet use and prevents slipping. The Bouncyband installation does not require any tools, and they work on a huge variety of chair legs.

Made from durable, latex-free rubber, Bouncybands offer long-lasting performance.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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