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This set of 2 fidget stones and bottle of essential oil was designed to help you remain calm and present. These grounding stones, inspired by riverbed rocks, have been thoughtfully designed to encourage repetitive motion that focuses your attention and quiets your mind. One of the stones has an inlaid hourglass filled with sand that you can turn upside down to watch the sand gently flow from one side to the other, while the other has an inlaid tab on a track that you can pull to the bottom where it will stay until you press the button to release it – so you can pull the tab and click the button in a soothing repetitive motion.

Both fidgets can be opened to reveal a diffusion rock that you can drop essential oil onto to make your fidget an aromatherapy tool. Simply open your fidget, drop some of the included essential oil onto the diffusion rock, then close it back up – and you have a fidget stone with a soothing aroma that you can take on the go! If you’d like to switch to a different scent, simply thoroughly rinse the stone, let it air dry, and the use a different essential oil.

The essential oil included in this set is Crisp Mountain Air which evokes fresh rain showers, dewy hillsides, and morning fog. A blend of Cornmint & Peony.

This set includes: 2 fidget stones, 1 lanyard, and 1 Lifelines essential oil blend


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