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With a beautiful, colorful design from French illustrator, Magali Attiogbe, this rain stick is a lovely addition to anyone’s sensory tool box. Rainsticks such as this one encourage children to twist and spin their hands and arms, which allows for development of arm movement.  This is important, as these movements are used when children attempt more challenging motor planning tasks, such as dressing themselves. 

This rainstick is the perfect addition to any calming corner, as it encourages your child to mentally and emotionally slow down and focus their attention on the sound of the beads. If they are frustrated, this might be a good toy to use in conjunction with calming breathing. Ask them to take a deep breath in, and breath out as the beads move from one end to the other. When the beads have settled, encourage them to take another deep breath and repeat flipping the Animambo Rainstick over until they have calmed down. 

This Animambo Rainstick is made with quality materials, using wood, metal, and plastic to produce an appealing and realistic sound.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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