Analog Visual Timer with Color Cues




Product Description

This Analog Visual Timer with Color Cues is a perfect 60-minute countdown timer for individuals or small groups. Simply turn the dial in front to the time you want to set, and then it will start silently ticking down with bright color cues to show when you have plenty of time left (green), 7 minutes left (yellow), and 3 minutes left (red). This is a great way to get a visual representation of how much time is left for your task, and an invaluable tool for children who benefit from having a visual cue to keep them on task. The timer is a good size (7.5 inches in diameter), and has magnetic backing as well as a kick stand so that it can be attached to a classroom whiteboard or stood up on a desk or table. It also comes with three different volume settings for the alarm timer – silent, quiet, and loud.

Measures 7.5 inches in diameter and requires 2 AA batteries


  • Weight: 1 lb

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