Building a Bundle That Eases Your Senses

Finding calm in a busy world isn’t always easy, especially for those who struggle with sensory processing disorders. 

Creating a sensory room isn’t always a viable option for people on the go. That’s why Stacy’s Sensory Solutions offers thoughtfully designed sensory packs to help both kids and adults self-regulate their senses and emotions wherever they are.

Stacy’s sensory packs provide a variety of tools to address different sensory needs. 

From fidget toys to noise reduction and weighted blankets, our sensory bundles can help improve concentration skills and promote the calm you need in your everyday life. Not only do our bundles provide you with the sensory items you need, but they also come with our original Activity Sheets which will give you details on each product, and ideas and suggestions on how to use them in a way to get the biggest sensory benefit.

Many places will throw together a set of products and call it a bundle, but here at Stacy’s, we carefully select each item for every set and prioritize our customers having all the necessary information to use their set to its fullest benefit.

No matter your specific sensory needs, we have a bundle designed to help. 

Our products are carefully chosen to provide just the right sensory input or output. 

Sensory packs from Stacy’s offer a great way to help both children and adults find the sensory balance they need to feel centered and able to better manage their day.

Let’s take a closer look at our best-selling bundles that help our clients around the nation center themselves on a daily basis.

Sensory Go-Bag

Heading out into unfamiliar territory can be a nerve-wracking experience for children and adults. With the Sensory Go-Bag, you’ll have a portable kit equipped with tools to help soothe anxiety and sensory overload on the go. 

This thoughtfully curated bag contains items that provide calming sensory input through weight, touch, sight, sound, and movement. Slip the soft weighted neck wrap over your shoulders or across your lap for soothing pressure. 

Fidget with the squish pouch or texture-rich tangle toy. Pop in the earplugs to muffle loud noises. Slide on the roller shades to dim harsh lighting. Gaze at the mesmerizing visual tube.

With every sensory need covered, the Sensory Go-Bag gives you the confidence to take on new situations and unfamiliar environments worry-free. Just grab this sensory solution on your way out the door and conquer any challenges that come your way!

Sensory Sleep Set

A good night’s sleep is critical for a successful next day! 

Bedtime struggles are common for children with sensory processing challenges. The sensory sleep set incorporates therapeutic sensory input to help kids wind down, feel calm, and settle into sleep. 

The soft Satin Pillowcase and Aromatherapy Animal provide soothing tactile input. The Paws the Calming Pup guides your child through calming breathing exercises to help them wind down. 

The Sleep Tight Journal prompts relaxation, and the Sleep Essential Oil Roll-On brings aromatic benefits that truly make bedtime an experience to look forward to. 

With tools that address breathing, tactile, deep pressure, and aroma needs, this bundle is the perfect way to create a bedtime routine that works with your child’s senses. Reduce bedtime battles and help your little one feel relaxed and ready for restful sleep.

Sensory Tools for Frustration

Feeling frustrated and angry? Our frustration bundle provides durable sensory tools and activities to help safely release frustration and cultivate emotional regulation skills. 

The Jumbo Stress Squeeze lets you squeeze out irritation with both hands, while the Breathing Maze and Calm Down Bottle provide mindful outlets to release tension through breathing and visual input. 

Use the Stretch Band for movement breaks and the Silicone Noodle to practice deep breathing that helps you get centered. 

The Anger Management Card Pack helps transform frustration into a viable solution to a problem through guided coping strategies.

This comprehensive set equips you or your child with robust sensory options and resources to understand anger and develop healthy ways to manage frustrating emotions. Start building frustration tolerance and regulation through therapeutic sensory input.

Teen to Adult Sensory Input Variety Pack

We have sensory bundles that cater to all ages. We invite our teen and adult customers to enjoy our sensory input variety pack tailored directly to the older audience.

The need for sensory stimulation is something anyone can crave at any age. Our affordable Sensory Input Variety Pack will give you a sampling of many different sensory inputs, from aroma, texture, visual, auditory, and weight to give you a variety of inputs. 

Ideal for teens and adults, this collection offers a tasting menu of sensory experiences. Explore which types you most enjoy through fidgets, aromatherapy, weight, and more. 

Upon ordering this pack, we will select 10 items to engage visual, tactile, auditory, and olfactory senses. The best part about ordering this bundle is it can help you pinpoint your favorite sensory pathways. 

The soft, weighted aromatherapy neck wrap lets you surround yourself with soothing scents like lavender. Fidget with squishy pencil grips or a silent marble mesh toy. See swirling shapes in the liquid motion tumbler. Snap a snapper and squeeze stress balls to satisfy your need for touch. Every item in our pack caters to different sensory-seeking desires.

This expansive variety pack is an excellent way to discover which inputs you love while enjoying the calming or focusing benefits. Our collection makes an ideal gift for teens and adults who find sensory input peaceful and recharging.

Find What Soothes Your Senses With Stacy’s Sensory Solutions

The wide selection of sensory packs from Stacy’s Sensory Solutions makes it easy to find the right tools to help you or your loved one self-regulate. Check out these and our packs today and discover how they can help bring a sense of calm and focus you and your loved ones seek.

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