Sensory Input Variety Pack – Teen and Adult



Neck Wrap Choice

Product Description

This is the perfect pack for the teen or adult who loves all things sensory! As a variety pack, these products have been hand-selected to each cater to a particular sensory input, from aroma, to auditory, to textural, to fidgeting, to visual, and more! This is also a great starter kit for those who want to explore the sensory world and may not be sure what their favorite kind of sensory input is–with this pack, they’re free to explore all kinds of sensory categories and find their favorite!

This Sensory Input Variety Pack includes:

  • Your choice of aroma neck wrap/lap pad: Rainbow, Minky, or Keyboard (aromatherapy and weighted input)
  • Sensy Band (textural input)
  • 1 chewberz on a textured pencil (oral motor input)
  • fidget counter (fidgeting and auditory)
  • mesh marble (fidgeting)
  • double trouble volcano (visual input)
  • elastic cube wooden puzzle (fidgeting and visual input)
  • osm flip (fidgeting)
  • globby man (pressure squeezer)


  • Weight: 1 lb

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