Zig & Go Dring – 25 pc. Domino Race Construction Set (1 in Stock)




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This cool set lets you craft your very own Rube Goldberg-style chain reaction with dominos, ramps, tracks, and more! Endlessly customizable, this set lets your creativity run wild again and again as you come up with fun new actions and reactions. You can push the dominos to send the marble down the tracks, set the wooden wheel to rolling, and flip the hammer to ring the bell – then rearrange it all and try again! Besides being hours of fun, this set is also a great set for learning spatial relations, potential energy, cause and effect, momentum, early physics, and more, all through engaging, hands-on play.

This set also has a matching Zig & Go Roll set, which can be combined with this one for even more complex constructs!

Zig & Go Dring set comes with 25 pieces. Perfect for young engineers ages 7+


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