Wonderhood: Figurines – Original Character Set

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Welcome to the world of Wonderhood: a world where kids can use their imaginations to create their own stories and act out social situations! Kids practice social interactions when they act out play between child characters much like themselves, and these figurines make those interactions come to life! By rehearsing situations through imaginative play, your child will feel more prepared to interact with their peers in a variety of social situations. 

If your child struggles with social skills, encourage them to use to act out social situations with these figurines and give voices the other characters to help your child understand the motivations behind other children’s actions. These can also be used in conjunction with Social Stories to understand different social norms or expectations of people in different social situations. 

• Develops creativity, social skills, and self-confidence
• Includes 4 durable and diverse 3D plastic figures (3 girls, 1 boy) each 3.25” tall


  • Weight: 1 lb

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