Wiggly Crocodile




Product Description

This Wiggly Alligator is the perfect wiggly twiddly fidget to get moving hands busy when completing other tasks. This Alligator is made of smooth wooden pieces whose joints slide past each other as you twirl and twist him into different shapes. 

This fidget would be a great fidget to have in the classroom or while completing tasks, as your child can quietly move their hands, allowing their brain to more readily attend and focus on whatever is in front of them. If you find your child is getting distracted, staring at the fidget instead of focusing, this fidget could easily transition into a sensory-break toy. Sensory breaks are important rewards to intersperse throughout whatever task your child is completing and can include more distracting fidgets. These fidgets allow your child’s brain to take a break from whatever strenuous task they are doing, allowing them to be more refreshed and focused whenever they return to their previous task!


  • Weight: 1 lb

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