Weighted Therapy Gray Cat

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Product Description

Rita the Gray Cat stuffed animal loves nothing more than a quiet day indoors. Curling up with her favorite person is what she lives for and, with how soft and cuddly she is, Rita is always a welcome cuddle buddy! Designed for easy poseability and crafted in cozy gray tones, our lovable plush kitty is easy to engage with and will appeal to feline fans of all ages. Beans in Rita’s paws give her a lifelike, weight that lends to her realistic feel. Our gentle kitten’s expression features airbrushed details, blue eyes, and a flocked, pink nose. A low maintenance pet who’s always eager to please, Rita the Gray Cat plush is an ideal companion!

Rita is extra comforting because she weighs 4 pounds! He makes the perfect soothing weighted animal for all ages.

Measures: 9 inches tall sitting up


  • Weight: 1 lb

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