Weighted Therapy French Bulldog

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Product Description

This French Bulldog may be a small dog but it has the biggest of personalities! With its smooth coat, compactly built body, wide-set eyes and scrunched up face, this adorable soft toy has been designed to look just like a real Frenchie!

A perfect gift for anyone who loves these charming dogs. This plush toy animal has been made with high-quality fabrics, realistic detailing, and comforting weight. He is ready for adoption today!

French Bulldogs are an extremely loveable and cuddly breed. Also known as a ‘Frenchie’, these flat-faced dogs come in a variety of different colours such as pied, fawn and brindle. They can also come in blue, lilac, tan, black and chocolate! Frenchies are full of energy and notorious for keeping you entertained with their funny antics.  

This French Bulldog is extra comforting because it is weighted! It comes with a soothing 2 pounds of extra weight. It makes the perfect soothing weighted animal for all ages.


Height: 21cm


  • Weight: 1 lb

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