Weighted Therapy Brown Dutch Lop Eared Rabbit (1 in Stock)

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Product Description

This Weighted Lop-EaredĀ Rabbit toy is super soft and the perfect size and shape to lay across your lap or chest to provide comfort and regulation.

This adorable fluffy bunny has been designed with realism in mind, and looks just like a real pet rabbit! Its premium fabrics and super soft stuffing make it irresistible to hug.

Their cute-as-can-be looks make them an incredibly popularĀ household pet. Huge floppy ears, that droop at the side of the heads, are their defining feature. A furry round face and twitching black nose make this rabbit almost impossible not to take home.

This rabbit is extra comforting because it is weighted! It comes with a soothing 2 pounds of extra weight. It makes the perfect soothing weighted animal for all ages.


Length: 26cm



  • Weight: 1 lb

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