Weighted Textured Lap Pad – Red, Blue, and Yellow 13″ X 19″ 3 lbs.




Product Description

This Weighted Texture Lap Pad is our new product developed to fill the need for something small, but still weighted, to hold when traveling in the car or anytime you might just need something small laying on your lap. This Weighted Texture Pad measures 19″ X 13″ and has 3 pounds of weight.  The weight is sewn in sections to ensure it stays in place over time and wear.  The multi-colored pad features sections of blue, red, yellow, and white colors all of different, interesting textures. These different textures are good for visual and textural sensory needs. The pad is backed with a blue minky bump fabric. A wrist weight fidget is included which can be attached to one of the two tabs. The Weighted Texture Lap Pad can be washed and dried on normal cycle.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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