Weighted Plush Unicorn Pal



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Product Description

This Cuddle Pal Sparkles the Unicorn stuffed animal is squishy, fluffy, and magical! Your little unicorn aficionado will love the soft white velour skin, silvery horn, and majestic pink mane. Every huggable inch of this fantasy-fueled equine is rearing to go on whimsical adventures!

This velvety soft Unicorn Pal is weighted, providing 5 pounds of input making it a perfect pressure pal for the lap or carry around to use for heavy work. It is soft and incredibly squishy, making it a perfect sensory tool. If your pal becomes dirty, add it to a load of your regular wash using a normal cycle and either air dry or dry in the dryer on normal cycles. Sparkles measures 11.5″ in diameter. 



  • Weight: 1 lb

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