Weighted Lap Pal 3 lbs.



SKU: S1089

Product Description

This charming soft cotton frog acts as a comforting companion for children. Lap Pads or Weighted Pals help children remain attentive in class, focus during homework, alleviate excess energy, or provide the necessary calmness for bedtime. They can also keep a child company during rest or nap times to simply be there to hug! This Frog weighs 3 lbs. and helps the child to feel his body in its space and help to relax. The Frog come with tab toes, tabs along the side, cute tab hands, and a textured round fidget.  It has a soft Minky fabric insert providing another texture that’s fun to reach into with your fingers. This weighted frog is a powerful tool that helps children with their everyday challenges.


  • Weight: 5 lb

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