Weighted Indoor – Outdoor Ball 9″X9″X9″




SKU: A2092

Product Description

  • We love this ball for so many reasons!!! It is a weighted therapy ball and a fun pool game all in one.
  • This Ball is made of a durable vinyl membrane that can withstand intense play. For therapy purposes and a fun way to get in heavy work, the water filled ball becomes a great weighted ball for both indoor and outdoor play. Working with a Weighted Ball is good for self-regulation and a feeling of being “grounded”.
  • The ball comes with a faucet attachment and a needle that allow easy filling straight from the tap. Fill with water to the weight that is perfect for your child’s heavy work. 
  • The ball also is a fun unique swimming pool game combining components of football, basketball, and rugby in the water. It can be dribbled like a basketball and passed underwater (can pass up to ten feet) Excellent game for pool parties and get-togethers with family and friends of all ages.
  • Heavy work and water fun in one unique product…ideal!


  • Weight: 3 lb

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