Tri-Grip Fine Motor Support Play Pack

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This set is specifically designed to help little hands work on their tripod grip with their thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger! This is a really important grasp that some kids have trouble mastering, so we created this set of fun things that will help your child work on these skills without even realizing it! Each to in this set was specifically chosen because the only way to play with them is to use a pincer or tripod grip, so you child will end up gaining strength with these grips as they play!

Tiny Tin Tops – This tin top boasts the classic Schylling retro look! Not only are tops a classic toy and a great fidget, they are also a great way to build up important muscles in your fingers that are crucial for fine-motor skills! 

Cliffhanger Win-Up Fidget – These fun and unique wind-ups are so clever that they won’t go over the edge of the table thanks to their laser-eye technology! Using your figers to wind up the fidget is great for fine-motor coordination, finger strengthening, and eye tracking.

Pull ‘n Pop Keychain: Big Bubble – At the center of this fun popper keychain is a thin silicone lever that you can use to pull the bubble back up after you pop it! This gives a different sensory experience than your traditional popper where you push the bubble back and forth. This is also an excellent way to get your kids practicing their tri-pincer grip! They must use their thumb, pointer, and middle finger to pull the bubble back up, which is a great way to build up the important muscles in those fingers!


  • Weight: 1 lb

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