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Product Description

Get your little one thinking, tinkering, and learning early!

The sturdy rings are each covered with a wonderfully soft, rubbery surface and designed with unique, engraved textures little fingers will love to explore.

Meanwhile, built into every ring are magnets, arranged just right so that, no matter which side of each ring is facing up, they’ll always connect and stack perfectly from big to small!

Early tactile learning gets a head start with Tinker Rings.

All of the Rings are BPA-Free, making them safe for mouthing. 

Tinker Rings encourage the inner scientist within your child to experiment with the rings, not only teaching themselves cause and effect, but also learning more about the world around them! Through playing with these Rings they work to develop gross motor skills involved with throwing or placing, and fine motor skills such as grasping and releasing. All of these are important precursor skills to completing more complex tasks down the line, such as coloring while holding onto a crayon or even dressing themselves!

Contains: Set of 5 textured rings with built-in magnets for easy stacking. Largest ring measures 4.75 inches in diameter.




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