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Thumball is a soft stuffed ball to throw, roll, or pass in a circle or randomly. Catch it! Look under your thumb. Respond to the prompt. Kids absolutely love this interactive tool that will get them talking and sharing. These special Thumballs are made specially to help kids with either letters or numbers. Each panel on the My ABC’s has a letter of sound, so when a player catches it they can either practice sounding it out, or pick a word that starts or ends with that sound! The Numbers Thumball has a different number on each panel to help players with counting and math! At the same time, the platers will be practicing social skills such as taking turns, eye contact, listening, and responding! All Thumballs are 4″ in diameter.


MY ABCS – A perfect choice for teachers parents and game-lovers everywhere. Associate letter symbols with their sound. Access specific words with beginning sounds and increase challenge by requiring words to be from specified categories. A great tool for anyone learning their letters or working on speech. Multi-colored 32 panel Thumball.


NUMBERS – Multi-colored 12 panels Numbers Thumball to improve counting number identification and one-to-one correspondence. Create and solve addition subtraction and multiplication equations.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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