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This unique fidget is a custom-made pouch is made with super-soft minky fabric and is filled with rolling beads that are perfect for fiddling with as you focus on a task or need something for restless hands! This figet offers textural input as you feel the fidget or roll the beads within the pouch, as well as the light pressure input from the slight weight of the fidget. You can get this Textured Wrist Fidget in the regular size (4″ in diameter) or the mini size (2.5″ in diameter) – both fit discreetly in your hand or pocket. This Textured Wrist Fidget also comes with an attached loop so that you can wear it on your wrist and easily hold it, but this loop can also be tied on a belt loop, binder ring, backpack, and more, so you can take it with you wherever you go! 


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