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Product Description

Play Your Cards Right: keep your child busy for hours with this fun and interactive game; Match cards to find sets; the player with the most sets wins! The 52 included cards are made of different materials so kids could explore texture while working on critical thinking and memory skills

Treat Your Senses: Develop coordination, exploration and color recognition with the Sense & Grow Products; Improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and fine motor skills as you explore the sense of touch with these textured noodles

Explore, Match and Discover Creativity: Help kids get creative by letting them identify the textures and colors of the cards; The satisfying materials and colors of the cards will delight kids and keep them wanting to play more. Indulge their sense of sight and touch

Big Gift for Little Ones: Give a gift that will delight parents as well as kids; It’s the perfect holiday or birthday present that will keep them entertained long after the party is over

Helping Reach Your Child’s Goals: Introduce your kids to the magnificent textures and colors all around them; Our products are especially made to help kids explore, play and reach their developmental goals


Includes: 52 Textured Cards (26 Pairs)

Size: 10.5” h x 7.25” w x 2” d


How to Enjoy!

  1. Prepare a clean surface to play on. Mix up all the cards and lay them upside down on your surface.
  2. Players take turns. The youngest goes first.
  3. The player whose turn it is flips two tiles face up to try to make a match. Make sure that all players can see which tiles get flipped over. If the two tiles match, that player can add them to their score pile. If a match was made, then the player can go again.
  4. If the tiles do not match, flip them back over and keep them in the same place.
  5. Play continues to the left and the next player takes a turn trying to make a match.
  6. How to win: when all the tiles have been matched, each player counts the matches. Whoever has the most matches wins!



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