Textural Input Variety Pack



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Product Description

Texture is one of the most varied of sensory inputs–there’s so many different kinds! So we made a set with as many textures as we could find and put them all in one place for you! With so many new things to add to your sensory tool box, you or your child are bound to find a new favorite!

This Textural Input Variety Pack includes:

  • Textured Wrist Weight

  • Pocket Charm

  • Sensy Band

  • Spiky Glove
  • Finger Fidget with Texture

  • Yellow/Red Pressure Massage Roller

  • Figipod

  • Spiky Ball

  • Rainbow Pom Pom

  • Textured Patch Set

  • Smoodle

  • Spiky Ring Fidget

  • Puffer Ball Snake
  • Rubbabu Crushing Ball Firm
  • Your choice of a Textured Keychain (Dino, Star, or Heart)


  • Weight: 10 lb

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