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We know that sometimes it can be hard to fill the sensory needs of your teenager, which is why we created this set! Each product was hand-selected as something that is not only appropriate for teens but also fun! With plenty of subtle yet satisfying fidgets, some problem solving tools, and a couple of pressure squeezers, any teen is sure to love this fun pack!

This Teen Pack includes:

  • Slow Rise Pressure Squeezer (sensory input through pressure)
  • Bubble Popper Keychain (fidgeting, tactile and auditory input)  
  • Marble Mesh Fidget (focus fidget) (color will vary)
  • Wooden Fidget Cube (fidgeting and problem solving)
  • Water Bead Pouch (sensory input and fidgeting) 
  • Metal Quad Spinner (fidgeting)
  • Pocket Putty (focus and anxiety) (color will vary)
  • Roller Ring (focus fidget)
  • Suction Strip (tactile and auditory input)
  • Flipper (pocket size fidget) 
  • Your choice of Jigsaw Puzzle (cognitive focus) 
  • Fidget Pen (fidgeting)



  • Weight: 2 lb

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