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These 4 pack of brightly colored suckers will pick up small objects and attach to any smooth surface. Easy to hold and fun to handle, they’re perfect for practicing fine motor skills, as well as activities involving counting, patterrning, and sorting. Their engaging flying saucer shape stimulates children’s imagination and holds their attention, while their satisfyingly springy nature provides a constant source of kinesthetic stimulation. Young learners will love manipulating their space saucers and finding new ways to use them! 

Because of their super suction bases, these space saucers will attach to any smooth surface. If your child struggles to disconnect them from objects, encourage them to lift one side of the suction cup with their finger instead of trying to pull away the entire base. This maneuver will easily release the space saucer. Color selection will be random.

Here are some activities to try!

  • Super Suction Tractor Beam – Just like ants, your space saucer can lift things many times its own size. Experiment with items around your home or classroom to see just how strong they are, but be careful not to lift anything too heavy. Safety first!
  • Exploration: Bath Time – Use your space saucer for splish-splash cosmic bath time adventures! It can stick to tiles, the tub, bubble bath bottles, and other bath toys! Try experimenting by filling empty containers with different volumes of water and seeing which your space saucer can lift. Watch out for splash down scenarios.
  • Perfect Landing Game – This game can be played with 2 people, or you can play against yourself. Holding your space saucer about 1 foot above a smooth surface, try dropping it suction side down. If it sticks to the table with a satisfying “Splop!”, then well done! Give yourself 1 point! If the saucer bounces or falls over, then it’s no points for you. Better luck on your next turn! The first player to achieve 5 perfect landings wins!
  • Decoration – Try sticking your space saucer to a cupboard, wardrobe, or mirror. You can hang lightweight decorations from it to personalize your space! 
  • Door Stopper – For a practical application, simply attach your space saucer to a door. It will help protect walls and skirting boards from damage.


Minimum recommended age: 4 years


  • Weight: 1 lb

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