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This set of 4 different stress balls is a great way to fill out your sensory tool box, or to get one started! Stress balls are calming and fun to play with, and can help improve focus on tasks. As you squeeze your ball, the nerves and muscles in your hand stimulate and contract. This can also build muscle strength in the hand which can improve fine-motor skills, so everyday tasks, like writing and playing, get easier.

This set comes with 4 unique balls, each with a specific sensory purpose:

  • A spiky ball that’s fun to gently squeeze or roll between your hands
  • A nubby ball that’s great for rolling between your hands or down your arms for a massage
  • A squishy ball with floppy antennae that has a soft squish
  • A mesh ball that pops out of the mesh when you squeeze it for a satisfying visual and tactile effect

This set also includes instructions, a sensory guide book, and a reusable storage box!


  • Weight: 1 lb

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