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A little smaller than a baseball, these Sticky Sports Balls have a sticky outer surface and a moldable middle core. When you throw it against a flat surface, it sticks! When your ball gets dirty, simply wash with water and dry – and it’s sticky again! Pick your favorite sport out of the 4 options or collect them all! 

  • rip, squish, shape, throw, splat and STRIKE with the Sticky Sports Balls
  • Safely throw against any flat surface! Sticky Sports Balls are a tacky, moldable “stress ball” and splats and sticks to most flat surfaces when you throw it.
  • If the Sticky Sports Ball gets dirty, just wash it with water and it returns to its original sticky surface!
  • Perfect for stress relief or everyday fun! Great for bedrooms, rec rooms, and play rooms!

Ages 4+



  • Weight: 1 lb

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