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Product Description

This gift set is perfect for those that want a complete (and stylish) set of things to keep them safe and healthy! As an added bonus, it’s almost totally customizable, so you can stay safe in your own personal style. This set includes everything you could need for your day-to-day health needs: a reusable mask with a pocket for a filter, a set of 10 scented filters, a lanyard to keep your mask handy, a germ-repellent neoprene travel case for your mask, and a hand sanitizing spray with the scent of your choice! Perfect for anyone who wants a neat and coordinated set of health and safety supplies! 
Set includes:
  • A set of 10 essential oil-infused filters for a face mask, with your choice out of 6 scents
  • A reusable face mask with a pocket for filters, with your choice of pattern 
  • A lanyard to hold a face mask 
  • A neoprene face mask carrying case, with your choice of color 
  • A hand sanitizer spray, with your choice of three scents 


  • Weight: 1 lb

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