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Pull up a seat and Get Stacking! Stacking Chairs is a fun family game in which players take turns stacking small plastic chairs on top of each other. Be careful- the player whose chair causes the stack of chairs to fall loses! This game is easy to learn and play together with the whole family, and would provide a good opportunity for children to practice a number of skills, such as learning about how to balance objects, as well as practicing fine motor coordination to pick up and carefully place their chair on top without knocking over the other chairs. 

This game would be an excellent game for teaching emotional control and how to handle failure, as at some point the chairs will come tumbling down. Before playing the game, children could be engaged in a conversation about how to handle their emotions, regardless of whether they win or lose. These are important social skills that will carry-over into their social life as well as how they engage with others throughout their school day.

Contains: A set of 18 2″ chairs for your stacking pleasure

WARNING: This product contains small pieces and may not be suitable for children under the age of 3 years. 


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