Squishy Unicorn

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Product Description

  • Cute fidget toy to release your stress – Today we understand the tremendous stress and anxiety people face in all aspects of their lives. But with our gadgets, you can easily feel relaxed and relieved. The flexible rubber material ensures it to be bent, twisted, and contorted as much as you want! Don’t worry about overplaying it – it simply reverts back to its original shape with a simple tap.
  • An easy way to keep calm anywhere – Whether you are working in your office, going grocery shopping with your little ones, waiting in line at the amusement park, or waiting in the doctor’s office, this fidget unicorn toy will keep your fingers going, so that everybody can keep their cool. Whether you are angry at your boss, or feel stressed at work, or just feel bored in line, this little unicorn will give you a lot of comfort and company!
  • A playmate for your kid – Especially when your kids can’t get enough of video games and iPad. Keeping your kids off the screen while not having them drive you up the wall is the greatest challenge for a caring parent. With our fidget toy, no one will be bored! The fun activities will occupy your child and keep him/her off the screen.
  • Reliable and durable material – It’s really important to know about what is your product made of – TPR eco-friendly materials, high-quality soft rubber, which is non-toxic and harmless and can be used for more than three years.
  •  A winning gift idea – Picking a gift can be a challenging task. This pocket-sized toy makes the best present with its malleable surfaces. With this present, you can’t go wrong, as it lets you squeeze, stretch, twist, squash, to your heart’s content.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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