Squeezy Water Bead Shark (1 in Stock)




Product Description

Delight in squishing and squeezing this silly shark! 

This 7.5″ ocean blue shark is filled with water beads that move around when you squish it! 

This toy can by used for squishing while completing a task, or even as a reward when having completed a task. Alternatively, this shark would be great to have for imaginative play, and could potentially open up a discussion about confronting fears. A lot of people are scared of sharks, when in fact many sharks are not aggressive towards humans! This shark provides a learning opportunity to delve deeper into learning more about topics that we are initially scared of. 

This toy would be a great addition to a sensory calming corner for children who are aware that this shark is not designed to be used for aggression, and can pop if squished too aggressively. It is important to advice your children that soft squeezes are the way to go to prolong this shark’s life!

WARNING: This toy contains small pieces that may not be appropriate for a children under 36 months. 


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