Squeezy Bead Emoticon Ball




Product Description

These Squeezy Bead Emoticon Balls fit in the palm of your hand! Great for gentle squishing, they make a great addition to your squeezy ball collection. Besides the sensory input gentle squeezing provides, the see-through design offers fun visual input. You can watch all the bright yellow water beads rolling around inside. Additionally, you can use the emotions displayed on the ball to talk to your child about how they’re feeling. 

Squeezy Bead Emoticon Balls measure 2.5″ in diameter. Face choice will vary.

This pressure squeezer is not made to withstand stretching or aggressive squeezing. Using the ball in this way will make it pop. It is important to advise your children that soft squeezes are the way to go to prolong this squeeze ball’s life!






  • Weight: 1 lb

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